Historian, Journalist, Author, Apple Developer and Speaker

The author of Tel Aviv Diary, Newsweek Columnist, Editor and Chief of Historycentral.com and frequent TV and radio guest

About me

I have lived in Israel on and off since 1975. I have a deep understanding of the country and its history

I have been writing about history, US and World history for most of my life. I have been an Apple developer since 1984. I am a columniest for Newsweek, and edit the daily Tel Aviv Diary. I am the editor in chief of Historycentral.com. In recent years have been a frequent radio and TV guest.

I am complicated:

Here are examples of the various types of endeavors that I do:


Since 1995 I have been writing and editing the largest history website.

My Books

I write History Books both American and Israeli history. I even write about Navy history

My videos:

I have created hundreds of history videos which you can watch on YOUTube

MY Many History Apps

I have been writing Apps since the mid 1980’s most of my Apps are about history.

My TV and Radio Appearances

I am a frequent guest on I24News English and Hebrew as well as other media

My Newsweek Columns

For the past ten years I have been a regulat columnist for newsweek.

Tel Aviv Diary

Six Days a week I author a newsletter that summarizes events in Israel

It started weekly but since the war began I have been publishing Tel Aviv Diary every day bringing a summary of the major news in Israel to thousands of readers around the world


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