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Welcome- I am complicated

Welcome to my personal site.  I have had a web site  since 1995- That site is dedicated to telling the story of American and World History. I have had my corporate site Multieducator  for 15 years.  My high school English teacher would be shocked to know that most of what I do is write, which is ironic since good writing does not come easily to me.  I have always spoken better then I write, but somehow that’s is what I do most of the time.  I write for our web site, I write the content for our Apps and I write about what is happening in Israel.  For eight years I have written what some call a blog, but I never considered a blog about events in Israel called Israel Update. Four years ago I moved back to Israel. Over the past few years I have blogged for the Times of Israel. Last summer Newsweek asked whether they could start publishing my articles and they appear today under the Headline of Tel Aviv Diaries.

Over the past few years I have worked on developing over 70 Apps for the iPone and iPad.  For the last three years I have worked with my son Eytan, in programming them.  Most of the recents apps have been programed by Eytan, although I have programmed a number of Apps.  Last Spring, I traveled to Poland with my daughter Tali, to gather the content of an App we did on the major cities and Jewish communities of Poland.  We have now created a new start-up called Journey Interactive to develop city guides and discount books.  The first one has been released  called Journey Tel Aviv.

I titled this – I am complicated- and I am.  I have been an Apple Developer for over 30 years and have strong views on the role of technology in our society. I have taught on and off since I was in high school, and it’s one of the things I enjoy the most.  I have strong beliefs about education, and spent almost 10 year of my life founding and then being President of private Jewish day school.  I currently live in Tel Aviv a city I love, in a country that I love, but on somedays I hate.  Over the past few years I have published a number of books my latest on the recent Gaza War.  I have been slowly working on a book on Israel in the 21st century, but I have no idea if or when, I will finish it.

I am happily married to Amy Erani, who has been my partner in all my ventures, and have three wonderful children.

In the coming months I will put links from this sites to my writing and hope to share my views and experiences on a wide range of topic in a less formal way then I do in my other venues.