Yesterday I wrote an article in the Times of Israel, Why I thought it was crazy for the Israeli government to continue opposing the agreement with Iran, and agreement which is less then optimal. Last night I received the E-mail that said that AIPAC and other Jewish organizations are all in, in their opposition.  I think it’s crazy and self defeating.  Not one person can explain to me scenario how this ends well.  But instead like lemmings the American Jewish community and most Israelis politicians keep saying the same thing.  What is the alternative- “A Better Deal”.  Yes it would have been better to have a better deal, but considering where we are now, that is impossible.  After I said it’s a fight we can’t win, he said it’s better to fight and lose then not fight at all.  My answer, that is for people not for nations.  We should not fight a fight we cannot lose, and even if we win we lose.  Not sure what I can do, but I will continue trying to bring some sense somewhere.


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