No Serious Discussions

So yesterday my article in Newsweek appeared on why the Jewish community and Israel should stop trying to block the Iran deal.  I had wanted to publish the article in the Jewish world, but when the Jewish Week did not get back to me, it was simpler just to use it as my weekly column .  Its so strange that this matter has turned into such a litmus test, when I am still waiting for one person to show me how opposing the agreement turns out good for Israel.  On one of the most important items in Israel’s security, both the agreement and more importantly our relations with the United States, politics are dominating, both Israeli and American.  No serious discussion is taking place here.  I remain frustrated by the lack of thought.

I am a bit humored by the fact that commentators in the US have been criticizing the hearing on the topics, while in Israel people can only stare in amazement at what seems to be the seriousness of the hearing.  Here there have been “public hearings” on the agreement between the government and the gas companies. The hearings were forced by the courts and have not been taken seriously by the government



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