Another Depressing Week

Its been another frustrating week. It has not been a terrible week like last week, but in some ways a more depressing one.  Depressing since its clear that events of last week will pass and nothing will change.  Even as they were happening we saw many of the spokesman from the right starting from Prime Minister Netanyahu talk about how terrible it is but…. That prompted one of the few members of the old guard of the Likud left in politics MK Benny Begin to say, the very problem with the right “is the but”.

I was slightly hopeful at first that the confluence of the three events together last week- the events at Bet El, the stabbing in the Gay Pride March and the burning of the Palestinian infant would be enough to maybe break through to the average Israelis and maybe wake them from their blissful slumber, but it’s clear that is unlikely to be.   Today after the Palestinian attack on the West Bank the PM and others on the right immediately put out statement attacking the left for not condemning the Palestinian attack after condemning the attack on the Palestinian child.  I will not relate to the fact that my twitter feed within minutes of the attack was full of condemnation by Yitzhak Herzog and Tzpi Livni- I guess they are not on the Left ( I do not follow Zahava Galon so I can’t say whether she quickly condemned it), what I find most disturbing is that lack of understanding, that we are what is called in Hebrew “The Ribon”. We control most of the West Bank and its our responsibility to protect its citizens from ours, not to mention there is a real difference between attacking soldiers and burning an infant.


Of course, if all of this was not enough, I can truly be depressed about what is going on in Washington.  I truly do not understand our Prime Minister- as I have said before it’s lose lose.  What the hell are we doing?  I wrote about it yesterday in a piece entitled Has Prime Minister Netanyahu ever heard of The Genet Affair?  and strangely received the least response of anything I have written lately.  Despite my  desire to try to understand why we are still opposing the Iran agreement, I have yet to hear a coherent argument.  One friend, with clear right-wing leaning wrote on Twitter to me “We don’t accept diktats from others. Gone are times when we can’t speak for ourselves. We are masters of our own destiny. Not U.S.”

I have no words..

Tonight comes the unconfirmed report that we are refusing to take part in a Joint US Israel Defense Exercise.

I could go on, but I  fear writing will be more depressing than cathartic




4 thoughts on “Another Depressing Week

  1. Correct. We DON’T accept diktats from others, we CAN speak for ourselves, and we ARE masters of our own destinies, as much as any nation is. What I don’t get is why Bibi thinks he’s master of the US’ destiny? As an American citizen, I don’t remember ever voting for Bibi on any ballot I’ve seen. Has he forgotten that the US and Israel are TWO SEPARATE COUNTRIES? There is a president of the US, but it’s NOT HIM! He seems to have delusions of grandeur, or as we Jews say, incredible chutzpah!

  2. There are many coherent arguments to oppose the Iran deal but you are deaf to them. Are you familiar with the thoughts of Charles Krauthammer or Avi Sharit? There are many more, as well. And, yes, the deal will keep Israel from determining it’s own fate, forever dependent on the U.S. or UN. That’s why most of the parties oppose it. How come I get it? And I am no ” right winger.” I was against the settlements since day one. And, I never cared for Netanyahu. I worry much more about the potential domination by the right wing and Haredim. How to defend Israel then? I agree with your assessment there.

    1. I just don’t see a path if the deal is rejected. Krauthammer is never realistic and Ari Shavit, wrote against the agreement the first week but now says our relations with the US is more important

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