Danny Danon Ambassador to the UN??

So Minister Danny Danon of the Likud has been appointed the new Ambassador to the UN.  The one Minister ( actually deputy) that Netanyahu has actually fired for insubordination.  Danon, makes Netanyahu look like a true moderate, and maybe that is the idea, but the thought of Danon with his poor English and extreme views holding the same chair that Abba Evan, Chaim Herzog and even PM Netanyahu seems absurd on the face of things.  It makes a joke of the talk of fighting the BDS movement, or reaching out to the US Jewish community or even trying to repair the relations with Washington.  The UN Ambassador, is the second ranking Israeli diplomat in the US, even though he is officially part of the UN delegation and accredited there. When it comes to TV appearances, newspaper interviews that is who the media turns to. I guess the Prime Minister is bored being just the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, he wants to also be the UN Ambassador, or at least make sure that all of the TV networks have no one else but him to go to appear on the Sunday TV shows.

Danny Danon
Danny Danon

Its clear that Netanyahu did it for his internal political needs, but maybe one day, our needs will come before the needs of the Prime Minister


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