Another Week of Violence

Another week is coming to an end in Israel, the third-week  violence.  Yesterday that violence reached a Bet Shemesh, a city where one of my closest friends lives in.  As she said to me on the phone last night- Nothing bad ever happens in Bet Shemesh, and I guess that was the point of the terrorist, similar to their attack in Raanana- we should not feel comfortable anywhere.  It is certainly having an impact.  If one is rational about it, it’s clearly no more dangerous in Israel then any of the big US cities before crime was brought down.  Certainly as someone who spent many a year in Morningside Heights ( Upper West Side of Manhattan) I should not feel unsafe, and in reality I do not, but after getting use to the feeling of absolute safety that I have always felt in Tel Aviv, I am glad these days that most of where I go I take “Mac” our dog with us.

Yesterday evening I was in Dizengoff Center.  Usually on Thursday night which is the night of the food fair, the place is teeming with people.  Last night it was mostly empty.  That seems to be the case throughout the country.  Stores have been empty and I am sure we are going to see all too soon more signs “Store for Rent”.   There have been other small changes, suddenly security guards that were there only for the show, are carrying weapons and soldiers on leave are not only carrying their weapons, but they are carrying them with magazines inserted- something that in itself can be dangerous.


I was initially planning to write to turn these events and observation into a piece for Newsweek, but as opposed to these posts which I just read through for overt grammar and spelling errors, I actually spend time and effort in editing my Newsweek pieces, something I do not have time for at the moment.  We just finished a large client project, have anther one on the cusp of being finished. We  two, are also in the midst of trying to finish two important products of our own, one of which it for the Apple TV and must be finished by Sunday night if we want to have a product at launch- so this is it.  Next Saturday night is the major commemoration to mark 20 years since the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin.  I am going to have to find the time to  write a major article on impact, 20 years later for Newsweek.



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