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Presidential Election History

A history of all the Presidential Elections from 1789 to 2012.  Chart and graphs clearly outline the history of each and every election. The book was updated after the 2012 elections to include the latest information.


Available from Amazon as a paperback and for the Kindle. It also available on iBooks


Israel’s 2014 Gaza War

A chronicle of the war that Israel did not expect to fight during the summer of 2014. A compilation of the author’s magazine columns posted each day of the war (a.k.a. Tel Aviv Diary) along with introductory background context, a summary with final conclusions.


You can buy the book both on the Kindle or in Paperback at Amazon



JFK Historymaker


JFK History Maker is a book that combines that best of a traditional biography with the capabilities of an e-Book. multi-media masterpiece of astonishing research and information lending new insights into the man, the president and the icon. The Ebook version is the equivalent of a 1,000 page book. This authoritative compilation is an ideal reference source for students and laypersons alike. Featuring 36 chronologically ordered chapters, there are 180 high resolution photographs, the full text of over 200 major addresses and news conferences, more than 60 pages of correspondence and other information, The reference book is fully searchable, and reveals in fascinating detail the upbringing, education, personal life, and public service of America’s 34th President.

Also available as a standard book. On iBooks  or as a paperback book or on the Kindle on Amazon

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