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  1. I look forward to hearing about The Superex Electronics Corp. I have a pair of Pro-B’s that I just revamped and I have started compiling a list of headphone models that I’ve seen reference to on the web. Simply as one of my many hobbies. Good luck with your new blog.

  2. Hi Marc,

    I worked for Superex Int. Marketing in Yonkers with the pc software in 1983. Eventually, I started a career w/ the fed gov in 1997, and just recently retired from the FDA as a consumer safety officer. It was a good experience back then for a kid fresh out of college .

    1. Hi Chris- good to hear from you. Glad you had a good career. I hope sometime in the next few months to put up a history of both Superex the headphone Manufacturer and what we did in Superex Int. I need a few early details from my Uncle who I will see when I get back to the States next month

      1. Thanks for your reply. I remember that you mentioned Superex also manufactured CB radios back in the ’70s also. Will you touch on that part of the business in your history?

        1. Will do my best, it actually did not manufacturer CB radios but manufactured CB radio headphones and miss. Its the period of Superex I remember the least of, I was mostly in the Israeli army at the time, but will try to put together whatever I can

          1. A pristine pair of Superex headphones given as a Bar Mitzvah present to Steven and kept all these years was given to Yael when she moved in.


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